Maine: Part One

At the end of August I got the chance to take a trip up to Maine with my boyfriend, Antonio.  We drove 6 hours north on a mission to explore as much as possible in our time given.  These photos were taken when we went to a small waterfall around the area our hotel was.  Hope you enjoy and look out for, more posts from our trip to Maine! 

West Meadow Wetlands Reserve

I've been always surprised with how much of Long Island was hiding in plain sight. I came across this beautiful area with my friend Jessica, she told me she had been wanting to go there for awhile. To get there, we had to cross two streams, the first being much easier than the second. After barely getting across, we started to explore!

At the West Meadow Wetlands Reserve we came across something unusual to see on Long Island, as you can see in the photographs below, it was a Cactus!  After looking around for about 30 minutes we started to hear a thunderstorm brewing, so we began to pack up our equitment and head back.  I will definitely be back soon to see what else I can find.  These are some of the photographs I took while exploring this nook of Long Island, Enjoy!

Lavender by the bay

Last month I went out east with my family to check out Lavender by the bay.  It was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for a bit of peace and tranquility.  Since  Lavender is my favorite scent and color I went along for the ride and I was in for a treat!  When we arrived we went into the field where my family and I were struck with the beautiful smell of these stunning flowers.   They were so powerful that turned whatever mood you were feeling into calming state.  What I found the most interesting was how many bees were here, but none of them would bother you.  They were just so enticed with the Lavender that they didn't care that someone was brushing by them.  Here are a few photographs from my trip to this lovely safe haven.  Hope you enjoy!